Who Am I
My name is Cody P. Christian and I build kick-ass web applications, design, photograph, and visually direct amazing projects!

Have a look around and read about some of my services below, view my work, and if you're interested in anything I do or would like to work with me, then please contact me.
What I Do
  • Web Design & Web Technologies

    I've been into web design and technologies for the past 8 years and I'm constantly improving my skills in the field.

  • Programming & Development

    Programming was something I kinda fell in to about 8 years ago, it started about the time I got into game design and programming.

  • 3D Modeling & Animation

    I learned 3d modeling around the time I that I got into game levels and programming.

  • Visual Effects & Compositing

    Long after I got into 3d modeling I turned to compositing tools to bridge the gap between CGI and Film.

  • Film & Video Production

    Ten years ago I got into media production in school, ever since then I've had a deep passion for creative arts such as film.

  • Audio & Music Production

    From scoring a short film, to editing a podcast and to running audio for a live event I've just about covered the basis of audio production.

  • IT & Computers

    Started at a young age I got into computers and technology, ever since I find myself using new technology to get things done.

  • Photography

    With my deep passion for cinematography it would only clue that I love photography and I've expanded from doing it as a hobby into doing it for work for several years now.

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